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EQ Screening and Hiring

Coach Sgro believes that the employee apocalypse is here. The skills necessary to do tasks are not the same as those for interpersonal relationships and as such, we are hiring managers over leaders. Often times folks are hired or promoted into leadership roles because they were productive and the best in making their widget. This practice, is not always effective until you assess the leaderships skills to supervise people.

Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching is now offering a custom contract for organizations and businesses who want to use emotional intelligence as a criteria for screening, hiring or promoting leaders. Send us an inquiry with the number employees you have and the number of people, that manage people. Contracts are executed on a quarterly basis with a minimum of five assessments for the current employee/candidates and five consultations with HR or hiring manager.

Do not entrust employees to the care of managers with none of the essential skills needed for teamwork and collaboration. That will be a mistake unless you can vouch that they have the people skills necessary for leadership. This increasingly has become a liability for organizations because of "The Great Resignation" and for employees that don't feel valued.

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