7-things every college student needs to do

Updated: May 18

After 20-years working at colleges and universities, Michael Sgro, CPBC, has created a simple list of activities that will help activate the value of your college degree. Too many graduates regret not having taken advantage of their time as a student to kick-start the value of their education.

Here are the 7-things, that Michael says, every college student needs to do to get the most out of their degree and college experience:

Be yourself. After 18 years, isn't it just easier to be the person that comes naturally to you? You will be accepted.

Make friends with everyone. Have a bestie but don't miss your chance to see everyone as a relationship opportunity. Peers are more important than ever as you build your NETWORK.

Participate in class. I mean PARTICIPATE! Speak, read the material and don't miss a class.

Get involved immediately. Be the chess club president, an RA, the Orientation assistant, the president of your class. Building your problem solving skills is the #1 competency for your future employer.

Create a LinkedIn account and use it competitively, like right now.

Meet every alum of your university you can during college. Even if they don't do what you want to do. Guess what, they know people that do! (this is my number one piece of advice)

Have fun. Make sure you can tell your kids some day about your wonderful college experience!

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