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Celebrating 5-Years of Coaching and Training Success

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This June 2022, we celebrate our 5-year business anniversary. There are too many things we want to say but we will start with, THANK YOU! If it wasn't for our truest believers and cheerleaders, we would be nowhere. Some of our favorite highlights include:

  • Opening an in-person storefront after 6 months of business and upgraded into a larger suite after 2 and a half years, into our present training center on the Commonspace campus,

  • Receiving the prestigious Perfect Partner Award after a little over a year of service to the community from the Downtown Syracuse Committee,

  • Winning two years in a row, the CNY ATD Champion of Learning Award,

  • Graduating over 100 one-on-one coaching clients through our unique and AWESOME leadership program,

  • Providing FREE emotional intelligence training to over 1200 professionals (as of now) from around the country,

  • Hiring over 25 college interns who acted as success managers. Including Ashley Hirsch, who brought to life our famous Seven Strangers at Dinner program,

  • Supported many individuals and nonprofits with in-kind donations of training services and assessments,

  • Featured guest on both local and national podcasts,

  • Being reconginzed as a LGBTQ Business Leader and invited to help create equity and peacemaking in organizations both publicly & privately,

  • Launched OUTsyracuse in 2018 and rolling out new programs during Pride 2022 for the community, including our Queer Youth Leadership Academy,

  • Created a new model of mentorship which will be licensed to other coaches and implemented with our clients in the next year,

  • Hosted over 250 events and participated in over 300 company training programs or speaking engagements,

  • Experience in working in nearly every industry you can think of including: Legal, Business, Finance, Law Enforcement, Government, Medical, Architecture, Nonprofit, Education, Retail/hospitality, Manufacturing, and Zoo's (with the humans!)

We appreciate all of the business and support these five years and it is only getting better! Humans need effective coaching/training and tools in empathy.

If you worked with us in any way these last five years and you want to celebrate with us, please drop Michael a recommendation on LinkedIn.

We coach extraordinary leaders and develop empathy as core competency with love, community, excellence, creativity, innovation and fun.

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