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FREE Emotional Intelligence Training

Updated: Aug 3

Learn how you can be more effective in life and work by practicing key strategies for success. Emotional intelligence is critical for our new normal in life, work and our communities. We have developed a FREE EI Training series and taught over 1250 pros (since April 2020).

All workshops are one-hour and open to all professionals in the United States and follow in sequence for optimal success. Typically we host them on Wednesday's at 7:30AM EST but have done noon hour series, so those on the west coast can attend.

Training week one: Self-Awareness

Training week two: Self-Management

Training week three: Social Awareness

Training week four: Relationship Management

This will remain a FREE training indefinitely for all participants. RSVP via our community page to get the link for the video conference. Only those that attend the first session on Self-Awareness, can attend the rest of the that monthly series.

Groups interested in organizational training should submit a request for options and rates.

"Michael is a phenomenal coach and leader who tackles head-on the art of Emotional Intelligence. Students are empowered with robust relationship-building tools to create strong foundations for great companies, social organizations, and communities." - Sora Heather Iryie, Disability Justice Activist, Writer & Designer of Entertainment with Impact

"I would recommend the series to others because it simply put leaders need more training! We need to be balanced so that we can serve others. This series reminded me how to understand, listen and develop others!" - Kate Houck, Executive Director of David's Refuge

We coach extraordinary leaders and develop empathy as core competency with love, community, excellence, creativity, innovation and fun.