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Emotional Intelligence, Performance and Agility: Coaching Resources

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

We have launched a new program to help support companies and organizations that are moving to a more remote workforce, given the changing business landscape with our public health concerns. Those employers who need support to deliver their work goals and want to enhance the emotional intelligence skill building of their team, should contact us for a 30 minute consultation on the resources available.

Companies and organizations that sign-up will get:

  • unlimited e-coaching support for their business,

  • individual 30-minute success coaching sessions,

  • team learning lab sessions over Zoom,

  • and Emotional Intelligence assessments and individual strategy road-maps.

Most companies know what they need to do during these times but we will need to count on our human performance to carry out the objectives to sustain our business.

Emotional intelligence areas include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. We will help your team discover their blindspots and grow while doing their jobs from home. Here is a quick video on EI from expert Daniel Goleman.

This is a low cost monthly program and custom rates will be shared via your consultation, as it depends on the number of employees and hard-copy training materials requested.

Please note this is a first come, first served monthly professional program. We likely will get to capacity quickly, so act soon to get the benefits. No obligation to continue program after the first month, only options to renew with either individual employees or small teams.