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Give Where You Live | United Way of CNY campaign at Commonspace

Commonspace launched "Give Where You Live" with the United Way of Central New York. Resident and tenant donations to the United Way of CNY will be matched (up to $500. individually) to maximize impact of the mission to solve poverty and other issues facing our community. Coach Sgro, as a commercial tenant, was one of the first to donate to this innovative campaign, as he maintains his commercial office on the Commonspace campus.

Evelyn Ingram, Chair of the Board of Directors at United Way of Central New York, the Syracuse Mayor, the Commonspace owners, the staff from the United Way were all on hand to launch this campaign and thank the current and future donors.

Coach Sgro is also a board member of the United Way of Central New York and encourages other businesses and landlords to get involved and modernize our philanthropy practices in the community. He says in the video above, "I am one of those people here in Central New York who is okay with us being number one in terms of snowfall but I am not okay with us being number one in child poverty. When you give dollars to the United Way of Central New York these folks are making sure those dollars are spent in the best possible way."

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