• Success Manager

Spring or Summer College Internship

Updated: Apr 6

We are looking for enrolled college and university students in the greater Syracuse area who major in psychology, marketing or education (but all students are welcome) for an entrepreneurial internship experience for spring or summer of 2022.

Our interns are success managers who will be expected to work 8-12-hours a week at our downtown office location (or remotely) and be available for weekly meeting with business owner.

Projects, objectives and experiences are matched to the intern based on their interest. Listed are the available activities for the spring and summer terms:

  • Assist in client relations, marketing, research trends and thought leadership,

  • Lead in surveying past training attendees and presenting the data,

  • Coordinate organizational training requests and prepare materials,

  • Survey past clients and share video/written testimonials,

  • Co-plan charity event for summer 2022 and promote ticket sales.

  • Implementation of our online youth mentor program,

  • Develop databases for newsletters and exclusive opportunities,

  • Developing audiograms, promotions and interviews of youth mentees on Instagram,

  • Partner with teachers and educators around the country to facilitate student support,

  • Helping facilitate and host online workshops for #GenZ attendees,

  • Act as a liaison to college and universities for future interns and programs,

  • Supervise all interns and facilitate task management system and weekly meetings.

Through your experience, you will enhance your skills and competencies necessary for your own professional enrichment. Guaranteed. This is the number one thing your future employers are looking for in a new hire. Additionally, you will receive a formal leadership assessment as a benefit for your work with us.

Our success managers will have a natural curiosity about the work, enthusiasm for the most minor of tasks and represent the business with attention to kindness. Is that you? Apply now to Michael Sgro via LinkedIn by adding him as a connection with a note of why you should be selected as a success manager. All applicants will be interviewed over Zoom.

"Michael embodies the definition of a true entrepreneur and takes it the next level! His relationship building ability as well as his personality attracts attention from every walk of life and he is leader in every way. While working for Michael over the summer, he taught me that hard work, dedication, and most importantly the people around you, are the recipe for creating success in any endeavor one chooses to pursue.

I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a new way to bring a new and positive energy into their life and see things from a different perspective. Michael truly left a lasting impact on the way I view life and I am extremely confident that he can do the same for any one who is looking for that positive influence!"

- William Clifford, Success Manager Alumni