Meet our summer Success Managers

Updated: Jun 25

We are thrilled to bring on these awesome students from schools around the country as remote success managers for Summer 2020. Each of them brings a unique perspective and will have a hand in creating some of the magic at Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching.

"Piumi Yaggahahewage was born in Sri Lanka and was raised in San Fernando Valley. She is a rising senior at UC Berkeley studying Psychology. Her goal is to one day become a psychologist and work to empower folks. She is an aspiring DIY-er, always finding something new to learn.

Most recently she learned to make holiday wreaths on a budget! During Piumi's free time, she enjoys painting, being outdoors, and playing board games.

Currently, she hopes to learn and grow from her experiences and the people around her this summer!" 

"Hello, my name is Hussein Al Hachami I am 22 years old. I originally was born in Baghdad, Iraq and I live in Syracuse, NY. I live with my parents and with my siblings. I have one brother and two sisters. I graduated from Onondaga Community College in the fall 2019 semester. My major was in communication studies. It was a fun experience learning all kinds of aspects in communication. I transferred to SUNY Canton College of technology to continue my studies majoring in business management. I am in my third year in college. I like the major that I am studying. It is awesome. I am super happy and fortunate enough to have this internship with Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching. My goal for this internship is to give my very best and to learn new skills and experience and to be successful." 

"Hi Everyone! My name is Rosemond Baah and I’m a rising senior at Le Moyne College. I will be receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Gender and Woman Studies next spring. Being a first-generation college student and American alongside being the eldest of four children has shaped the way I view and maneuver through the world. Because of this, I have an innate desire to help, listen and take care of others. My current aspiration is to go on to graduate school and receive a Master’s in Social Work which I will use to later become a Mental Health Therapist; being an active and comforting presence for other minorities and disenfranchised communities.

I am so extraordinary honored to be working alongside Coach Sgro and the other amazing people in this group! I believe this experience will unveil levels within myself that I did not think were attainable, and provide a first-hand look at the various avenues of understanding others."

"Hi all! My name is Casey Kretsch and I just finished up my junior year at Le Moyne College. I am a dual major in management and leadership as well as human resource management. Along with my studies at Le Moyne I am also on the baseball team. I have learned many skills and lessons here through my studies as well as on the baseball field that I am ready to put to use.

I am excited to start as a Success Manager at Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching to begin to put the skills I have learned in the classroom and tie them to the real world. I believe this will be a great experience which will not only expand my knowledge but create long lasting relationships.

I look forward to learning about many different areas of business and can’t wait to be more involved in local Syracuse area. Looking forward to this opportunity."

"Hi Everyone! My name is Taylor Ketcham, upcoming senior at St. John Fisher College. I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. I plan to pursue a master’s degree in Human Resources. I have always enjoyed volunteering and meeting new people and have been fortunate to continue service work in the Rochester area communities. I also love the sunshine; activities by the water and hiking.

The leadership experiences in college and employment opportunities have allowed me to experience different environments and viewpoints and how I might apply what I’ve learned and how my core values guide me and connect others to be our best selves in the workplace taking into account different points of view. As a Success Manager at Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching, I am excited to learn more about leadership styles, myself and encourage others.

In this extraordinary time, it is my hope that these resources will help connect people virtually just as effectively as in person. This summer, sharing great information with the guidance of Michael Sgro, creating tools to be successful and keep everyone positive will be very fulfilling!"

Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as a core competency. We work with business owners, nonprofit organizations, professionals, universities and community members who are facing challenges in their personal and professional effectiveness or want to reach their full capacity as a leader.​

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