Mentoring Leadership - Inspirational Story

Leadership it is about guiding people who look up to you whenever they are in a difficult situation. We have a vision of what leaders tend to look like, but the truth is leaders can take any form and be anyone. Like you and me, we look up to leaders in our own work environments and determine how we can be a leader to other around us. Leaders set an example for people to be the best version of themselves, leaders are humble and wise, while working in collaboration with their team.

The video above is about a young man who accepted a job with a new company but had bigger dreams he hoped to achieve. He was looking to expand his knowledge and look to climb the latter of the business. His ambition and skills to learn was going to take him a long way while working alongside others at the company. By sharing this experience with others, like myself watching it now, he is showing what it takes to truly strive for his best potential.

What I took away from this clip is how learning from others with an open mind can open more possibilities for learning and advancement, all the while making your dreams a reality by working hard. We may have leaders like this is our everyday lives as a mentor to us in the workplace. What have they taught you that is beneficial and what makes them the best leader for an organization? The mentors in my life have showed me what it takes to be a great leader. Each day I strive to learn as much as I can to contribute to the best of my ability. I learned my leadership skills from my boss, he is very respected and a wonderful people person. One time when we were having a meeting at work, he said “guys if you are not sure about something, remember me and think, what would our manager do if he was in this situation?” That makes me feel confident that he wants us to do our best and put ourselves in his shoes.

We can become leaders ourselves by taking what we learn from others creating a positive work environment, encouraging feedback and inspiring others with our creativity. As a leader, set goals for yourself and others while also being open minded to learning new possibilities. You might just find your next adventure; be a dreamer!

Hussein Al Hachami is a success manager at Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching. He attended Onondaga Community College and majored in Communication Studies and graduated in the Fall of 2019. He is currently studying at SUNY Canton finishing his bachelor’s degree in Management. Hussein aspires to work in Human Resources while continuing all his favorite hobbies of biking, swimming and going to the gym.

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