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New Vlog Series Featuring Past Colleague's of Coach Sgro

Coach Sgro is launching a new vlog series of interviews with his past colleagues from a twenty year career in education. Each vlog will illustrate a valuable leadership lesson each guest taught Coach Sgro in his work with that professional.

"My goal is to recognize the awesome people who gave me so much insight and experience to do what I do today. Many of these folks have remained extraordinary friends today. This will not be a podcast, but a leadership lessons tapestry that is rooted in gratitude and service."

Having relationships at work is critical for success. Too many people today are missing that their colleagues are important mentors & coaches to them, in their day to day efforts in the workplace.

Two of Sgro's colleagues from New York University pictured above, Michelle O'Malley and Marilena Botoulas, who are very likely guests in this new series, and extraordinary leaders in their own right.



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