New Location Updates

Updated: Aug 25

We moved! Our office and training center, il salotto, relocated from 359 to 351 Warren Street in July 2020. Our commitment to the comfort, safety of our clients is unmatched even before the pandemic because it was part of our business model to create safe space for leadership development.

In our new space, we have improved amenities including: a proper reception area, a touchless water fountain, more space for training, a new leadership library and private meeting room.

Thank you to Commonspace for putting our business in such a prominent location on their campus. “Michael and his mission align perfectly with Commonspace and creating community. We are excited to further strengthen our partnership with this move to one of our most visible spaces,” says Troy Evans, founder and partner of Commonspace.

Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as a core competency. We work with business owners, nonprofit organizations, professionals, universities and community members who are facing challenges in their personal and professional effectiveness or want to reach their full capacity as a leader.​



Tel. 917-275-3385

351 Warren Street, Suite 101
Syracuse, New York 13202

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Open 7-days a week, 365 days of year by scheduled appointment online or in-person.