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Organizational Culture Assessment Opportunity

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Jessamyn Anderson is a graduate student at the Institute for Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago working on her Masters in Divinity. She is working on her practicum experience focused on corporate chaplaincy and workplace culture. She is looking for a company that is at a place of transition or change and would like to go through a workplace culture assessment process.

She will be working within the Competing Values Framework and using the OCAI (Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument) to gather and analyze data. This is an in-depth process that will require interviews and follow-up meetings and conversations with the entire team from C-Suite to entry-level hire. There is a time commitment. The whole process could take several weeks working within the confines of employee availability, for interviews and meetings, to discuss findings.

There is a consensus-building component that will require team discussion and participation. This is a comprehensive undertaking, so major stakeholders in the organization need to be onboard. The project can be done at a department level for larger organizations. The result will be an analysis of current culture and a picture of the hoped for culture with strategies to implement the changes desired.

If you think this is something your organization might like to pursue, kindly submit an interest form here. Given the high volume of interest in this work, we will confirm only those opportunities that mostly align with Jessamyn's research goals.

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