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Pro Tips in Communication

Communication skills is how able you are to communicate with others effectively to where you can understand them and they can understand you. In this Ted Talk video Celeste Headle teaches us ways to improve our communication skills.

Communication skills require listening. In order to see communication skills in a conversation the people involved need to show a good balance of both talking and listening. The first thing to understand according to Headle is that when someone is actively trying to prove that they are paying attention in a conversation that shows how they aren’t truly paying that much attention. Be in the moment, live in the conversation. Learn how to make the conversations you find yourself in a key to potentially learning something you didn’t know before, be open. Be open ended, ask questions that lead to better and deeper responses.

Another piece of advice on how to improve your communication skill is to be honest, and ask questions. Understand that you do not need to put your input unless asked, especially if it is not about you. Conversations should not be handled as if they are a promotional opportunity. Learn how to be precise. Listening is the most important aspect of a conversation, listen before you speak. Listen to listen not to talk. Lastly, be prepared to be amazed/inspired.

Overall, our communication skill is something that will always need to be worked on because there is always something to learn. Learning how to effectively communicate can help you in every aspect of your life. Do not hesitate to apply any of the advice to your communication methods, using any of these can go a long way!

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Anyela Garcia is a first generation student, and a junior at Cazenovia College. She is a student athlete new to the sport of swimming and is enthusiastic about all that she can offer and learn from the world.