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Team Assessments help Unlock Leadership Potential and more Effective Communication

Every human on planet earth has naturally driven skills sets that help them achieve goals and relate to others. As we grow in our career and with various responsibilities, we have found that most professionals plateau in their jobs or get stuck because they are overusing those strengths that come naturally to them.

This becomes most apparent when you are under pressure or stress and your "autocorrect" kicks-in and it likely is not the behavior that will be most effective in dealing with the current situation at hand. For example, a very logical person hears the fire alarm and looks for the instructions, then just evacuate from the nearest exit or following others leaving the building. It is not wrong to look for the instructions but it might have not been the most effective behavior in the moment.

Coach Sgro provides training and assessments to determine how every human professional acts naturally and what areas of growth might be needed based on their goals. Motivated professionals for change and success will master new habits to be more adaptive in situations that are not as natural to them.

Here are the basic human behavioral profiles to give you a sense of the natural types.

Everyone in the workplace is doing the best they can under stress and pressure, however because we work with people who are different behaviorally, we need to be more adaptive in our interaction with others to be understood.


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