The Garden

This post was inspired by Earl Nightingale's speech called "The Strangest Secret."

Reimagining Your Mind

Imagine your mind as a vast land which is full of fertile soil. Any seeds planted in this soil will provide a bountiful harvest. As the farmer, it is your choice which seeds will be planted in the soil.

Let us say you plant two different seeds. One is corn, a nutritious food that can be used to improve health. The other plant is water hemlock, an extremely poisonous species that is detrimental to health. You dig holes for each plant, place each seed in a hole and then cover them up. You properly care for the plants over the course of the next few months by providing them with water and the ingredients they need to survive.

Preparing for Harvest

What happens next? The land will return a bountiful harvest of the seeds which have been planted and properly cared for. The land does not care what is planted and no matter what, it will return an abundant harvest of toxins just as it would produce nutrition.

After the course of a few months, both crops have produced a plentiful harvest; one of nutritious food and one full of poison. Obviously, your mind is much more complex than a garden, but your mind basically works in the same manner as a garden. It does not matter if you plant success or failure, happiness or sadness, confidence or doubt, and compassion or anger.

You Reap What You Sow

Your mind can either be a garden of happiness and success or one full of sadness and failure. You can plant seeds that will act to help improve the quality of your life or seeds that will do the opposite and poison the good life you desire. Whatever you choose to plant in your mind will be returned to you.

We all desire a bountiful harvest of happiness and success. How may this happen? Well, we shall be mindful when it comes to choosing the seeds we plant. As the farmer, we decide what to plant. After all, as humans, we do choose our thoughts and actions. It is crucial for us to be intentional about what we think about and what we do.

Cultivating Happiness & Success

An accomplished West Coast Psychiatrist named Dr. David Harold Fink noted these few steps to help an individual become happy and successful. We must begin by setting ourselves a definite goal. Next, we must begin thinking about all the reasons why we WILL be successful rather than why we cannot. We must create a new image of ourselves in our mind-of the person we want to become. Lastly, we must act the part of the happy and successful person that we desire to become.

To be successful and happy, we must put forth the required energy. Creating habits for success takes time. But it’s not nearly as difficult as living an unhappy and unsuccessful life. With discipline and perseverance, we may finally live a life we desire.

John Duncanson is a success manager at Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching. He is currently taking remote classes in Manlius, NY; studying Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. John is passionate about improving health through the study of psychology & philosophy.

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