What people say about Michael Sgro on LinkedIn

I recall Michael for going beyond what was required and filling any position of responsibility with real enthusiasm and dedication."

Michael and I were colleagues as Housing professionals at Fordham. We worked closely together to support the development and success of resident students and while doing so-Michael displayed dynamic energy, creativity and teamwork. It was great working with him!

Michael D. Sgro’s professional attitude, demeanor and unique ability to help teach and connect with coworkers and clients, alike, is a breadth of fresh air! His ability to cater and design workshops, lessons and programming that teaches clients how to feel comfortable with implementing and using new communication and management skills is unparalleled. I worked with Michael for many years and can humbly say that he was always passionate about his craft and skilled at brainstorming new programming for our students and alumni.

Michael is great to work with. He pays attention to details and listens to student's needs. Michael goes above and beyond in providing the support needed, and is not reluctant to work hard to address the requirements of various groups.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Michael the past 3 years and his coaching has made a tremendous impact on both my professional development and career trajectory. From the beginning, it was evident Michael was selective in who he coached and I couldn’t be more thankful for his time. Michael’s coaching has helped me uncover blind spots in my leadership, navigate change in an unpredictable environment, and refine my impact on my local community. Through his coaching, I’ve learned to lean into discomfort and ambiguity, manage stress, and how to effectively lead from a remote work environment. I can’t recommend him enough for anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level.

Michael made working at Le Moyne fun! He brings a joy and passion to his work that boosts the spirits of those around him. He is a great colleague and professional.

Michael Sgro is a strong leader for the SUNY Cortland Alumni Engagement team. He provides a positive, energetic work environment for all team members to feel comfortable in that enables them to perform at the highest level. Having a deep substantial understanding of social media and its advantages, he generously prepares all of his members with this serviceable information for their future endeavors. It was a pleasure working for him because of his personality and willingness to do for others !

Michael is the consummate professional. While I attended LeMoyne at the same time he did, it was through his work at the LeMoyne Alumni Office that I was able to see his efficiency and dedication to his job and his alma mater. He approaches each job and interaction with professionalism, enthusiasm and efficiency. His approachability and sense of humor make each encounter successful and fluid. He has a great ability to multi-tasks and his organizational skills were evident on a number of occasions. I highly recommend Michael, as he has a kind inviting demeanor that allows him to connect with the necessary constituents to accomplish the desired goals and objectives. Regards, Chris Clarke, J.D.

Although I did not work directly for Michael, I was a resident assistant while he was part of the management team. He was one of the more positive and professional resident directors at Fordham.

Michael is an enthusiastic advocate for students and very detail oriented. He managed exciting and fulfilling programs for students.

It's rare that you encounter an individual like Mr. Sgro. I was fortunate enough to sit in on a virtual lecture of his; he was very inspiring and informative. If anyone (especially Le Moyne College alumni) has the opportunity to listen and learn from him, I highly recommend you take it.

Michael Sgro is among the most proactive, determined, creative and success oriented people I have engaged. I've known Michael for 15 years and can honestly say, he never fails to amaze.

Michael Sgro is one of the nicest people you will ever meet; he wants nothing but the best for you and will go out of his way to make sure you succeed. He is extremely dedicated to helping not just me but those around him. He is a hard worker, and has a great personality that just allows him to be friends with everybody he comes in contact with. It has been a pleasure working with him and and I'm extremely grateful for everything he's taught me.

Michael has always been a dedicated and hard-working person. Since his time at LeMoyne, he's excelled in many ways, not the least of which is his work with the college alumni, of which I am a part. I highly recommend Michael, as a great employee and as a great person.

During the year that I served as VP, Finance for the NYU Stern MBA Student Body, I got to know Michael as a leader quite well. He showed a unique ability to run the Student Activities Department while being able to truly relate to students, faculty, and staff in helpful and meaningful ways. The passion he brought to his job each day made working with him a pleasure. I'd highly recommend Michael in any role where relationship management, creativity, and a positive attitude are critical success factors.

I attended Michael's April 2020 Emotional Intelligence series and was impressed by the opportunities he gave to reflect and share. It is not easy to feel connected virtually among a group of 50+ people, but Michael made me feel as if I was an important member of the group right from the start. He excels at the balance between making his clients feel heard while also challenging them to tackle difficult questions. Michael clearly has done the research and provides excellent followup to his sessions. I know I will be looking back at this content over time to help improve my own interactions with others.

Michael is an energetic, thoughtful, and creative person whose commitment and dedication to his work is without peer.

To have Michael as a supervisor was an incredible learning experience. Over the time I have known Michael he has shown true leadership to alumni, the Alumni Affairs team, Institutional Advancement and the overall campus community. He is always there to lend a helping hand for any project no matter the size or scope. Michael supports his team with unwavering confidence and constantly pushes each person to achieve their absolute best. Michael is one of the most hardworking men I have ever met. He brings happiness, efficiency and thoughtfulness to each project he is a part of. Beyond his passion, Michael has extensive knowledge of higher education and social media which brought the SUNY Cortland Alumni Affairs Office and their programs to the next level . There are not enough words to describe the many qualities and talents Michael has to offer other than to say that he is as outstanding of a manager as he is a human being.

Michael was very outgoing. He got along well with everyone and was very personable while we were students at LeMoyne. He enjoyed getting involved with different activities and having fun. Michael has always been someone that commands respect and gives it as well. He would be a tremendous asset to any company that would hire him.

Michael is an exceptional manager. He seamlessly juggles multiple projects, often with competing priorities and shifting goals, all with a smile on his face. Michael is a people person, he gets along with a wide range of diverse personalities and always seems to bring out the best in others. He is very attuned to customer needs and can handle even delicate situations with grace. I highly recommend Michael as a well-rounded professional who would be an asset to any organization.

The moment I met Michael I knew that he was present and authentic. In a crowded room he had the ability to focus and listen. This ability translates into meaningful clear communication that can wipe out the white noise and allow you to focus on your thoughts and goals. I highly recommend you spend some time with Michael .

Michael was a key asset to the Division of Institutional Advancement at Le Moyne College. His creative mind was always busy coming up with new and innovative ideas geared toward engaging alums and friends of the College. He has a "big picture" way of thinking and understands the collaboration that is necessary between different departments to achieve success, and will go above and beyond what is asked of him to ensure this success. His passion for his job is unmatched, and his talents would be an asset to any organization that he is employed at.

Michael has vast experience in alumni relations, marketing and social media. He is well known in our field both for the relationships he develops on behalf of universities and the techniques he uses to connect with alumni populations. He is an excellent supervisor and motivator.

Michael Sgro is a strong leader in Higher Education with great strength in the area of Alumni, Student Affairs and Relationship management. He is on the cutting edge with best practices and is constantly educating himself and others on what it means to be a Higher Education professional. He is an expert in social media and online community engagement. As a supervisor he is extremely fair, supportive and clear with expectations. Michael is wonderfully creative and encourages those around him to be innovative. His ability to motivate co-workers, supervisors and support his team is amazing. He strives to make leaders out of those that report to him and maintains a great balance of individual leadership and teamwork.He is an talented asset to the SUNY Cortland team and a remarkable advocate for her alumni.

Michael was collaborative and genuinely committed in his role as the Associate Director of MBA Student Activities at NYU Stern School of Business. It was a pleasure to work with Michael, his high energy and care for the students never wavered. He was an effective and efficient program manager respected by students and colleagues alike.

Michael led an awesome social media workshop for the Institutional Advancement office at SUNY Morrisville. Michael is a great coach who is very informed in the PR and social media fields. He knows how to motivate, inspire and lead people to new levels of success. After our workshop, our office left feeling enthusiastic to move forward and reach our social media goals. We had a clear picture of how to map out our plan, and our eyes were opened to an endless exciting array of networking possibilities and potentials. Furthermore, we LEARNED A LOT of insider knowledge and tips on how to reach our goals and expand our network effectively and successfully. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who could use some direction, insight and motivation to take your office to the next level. This is your guy!

Michael is innovative and collaborative. He created events for Le Moyne alumni that were fun and outside of the box. From marketing to the last minute details that made each event a success, Michael was on top of it all. He did a wonderful job of branding Le Moyne College, and helping to ensure that alumni were connected using the latest social media tools. Michael is a team player that would be an asset to any organization from day one!

When I started a new position in fundraising, "calling Michael Sgro" was among the first things I wanted to do. I had known him as an advancement professional from his time at Le Moyne College, and his creativity and generous spirit made an impression on me. His experience in the advancement field has been finely honed at many major educational institutions, and as he has shared his advice with me about development and board relations, his enthusiasm about his role and career shines through. If I had to sum Michael up in just three words, here's what I'd use: "skilled and savvy."

Michael has a tremendous knack for helping people to connect. He is a connector and has always been known to create networks and community. His skills are valuable to networks where strong bonds are needed in a value driven community.

Michael is an incredibly motivating and inspiring speaker who is incredibly good at what he does! After multiple calls regarding social media SUNY Morrisville hosted him to present his "Social Media Bootcamp" to our Institutional Advancement team. He was able to break down the logistics of creating a new page, why social media is important, and how to manage an engaging page. He inspired and motivated my team immensely and encouraged us to take our page to the next level by developing goals and creating more engaging content!

Of all the colleagues I have had in my career, Michael Sgro is among the elite as one of the most creative and most collaborative with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Michael very simply strives for excellence in his workplace. If he can help others with their responsibilities to accomplish that "big picture" goal, he is more than willing to do so, with vigor and a collegial spirit. I would work with him again, hire him, or work for him in a heartbeat. If you strive for greatness in your organization, Michael Sgro will help you get there.

I have enjoyed working with and learning great new things from Michael through the SUNY Oswego Alumni Association and GOLD Leadership Council. He combines in-depth experience with contagious energy in every project he tackles. Michael is a strong leader and our young alumni group greatly benefits from his guidance.

Michael is a terrific team member. His enthusiasm and creative thinking are inspiring and infectious. He would be an asset to any organization!

I sought out Michael for assistance with navigating a career transition and ended up getting so much more out of our experience working together. He challenged me to think more critically about the way I approach tasks and interact with colleagues. His feedback contributed to me becoming a more confident and efficient version of my professional self. Michael's growing array of services and programs makes him a true asset to our Central New York community. Would highly recommend reaching out to Michael to anyone looking to expand or enhance their professional competencies.

"Mike brings exceptional energy to every project no matter how minimal. at LeMoyne College he was a trusted assistant to the Alumni in implementing creative new events. he will be a great asset to any employer.

Michael truly understands the notions of marketing and promotion. I have had the pleasure of interacting with him on several occasions, and not only is he approachable on a personal level, but he is also a professional in every sense of the word. Michael has the organizational skills to prepare, develop, and fluidly execute projects by himself, with a personality that ensures he will never have to. An excellent team player, I recommend him to anybody who values results, as well as a positive corporate image.

Michael is a remarkable man with energy and professionalism. He is a great asset to the Stern program and I would be happy to provide a professional recommendation for him if ever needed.

Working with Michael has been an incredibly rewarding experience. He has helped me realize my potential and reach for my dreams. With his assistance, I have learned about my own hidden competencies and how to strengthen and utilize them in professional and personal relationships. I look forward to my coaching sessions and always leave having learned something about myself. Michael provides a welcoming, judgment free environment. He is available and responsive and lives up to the expectations he sets for coaching and other programs I have attended. I highly recommend Michael as a business coach and teacher.

Michael is a very astute observer of what's going on around him, and is able to take that skill and turn it into great global thinking and planning that has real value to his organization. He does this while remaining an incredibly warm, personable, and generous colleague.

Michael embodies the definition of a true entrepreneur and takes it the next level! His relationship building ability as well as his personality attracts attention from every walk of life and he is leader in every way. While working for Michael over the summer, he taught me that hard work, dedication, and most importantly the people around you, are the recipe for creating success in any endeavor one chooses to pursue. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a new way to bring a new and positive energy into their life and see things from a different perspective. Michael truly left a lasting impact on the way I view life and I am extremely confident that he can do the same for any one who is looking for that positive influence!

I have worked with Michael and his passion for everything he does is contagious! Michael has given me several great ideas in regards to my media marketing that have helped me get to my goals. You can not go wrong with Michael on your team!

Michael has the innate ability to lead you to the next level in any type of voyage you are seeking to embark on whether it be professionally or personally focused. His high-level of knowledge, experience and presence ensures that you will get the quality necessary to accomplish what's next. One of his unique qualities that separates him from other coaches is his drive and desire to continue his education and development in order to stay fresh, innovative and positively infectious.

Michael is organized, outgoing, committed, tech savy and a pleasure to work with. He has energy, great ideas and follows through on tasks. He is personable and well liked by anyone who has had the pleasure of working with him.

When you are in Michael's presence, your stresses and tasks that seem out of your reach are broken down into small attainable goals. He has helped me check the boxes and create new boxes on my to-do list. Michael is a person that I would want by my side while building my business!

In addition to being a master communicator across diverse audiences, Michael is exceptional at team-building and event planning. He inspires confidence in both his internal and external customers and can manage multiple projects with ease. I recommend him without reservation.

I have had the pleasure with working with Michael as a CenterState CEO member for a year. Michael has a great passion for Central New York, community development and building relationships as well as assisting in forming collaborative opportunities. He has developed great leadership and coaching programs, and has also grown some very interesting events; for example - Seven strangers for dinner. He is highly respected by others in his field. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Michael is enthusiastic, energetic, and a true "team player". He works well with others, and encourages them to be their best. He is truely missed here at Le Moyne.

It has always been a pleasure to have Michael as a connection since our first meeting. He is always more than willing to come help students and teach many of us how to become young professionals at Le Moyne College. Michael’s experience and knowledge is an asset to anyone.

Michael reached out to me a few years ago in a personal, professional manner and helped me reconnect with my alma mater (LeMoyne College). His approach - enthusiastic, authentic, respectful - was a key driver for this, and as a result I have stayed in touch with him and am much more open to hearing from LeMoyne since we connected. He has an intangible skill of gaining rapport and trust, then maintaining that trust as he develops his relationships. I am impressed with his ability to understand and leverage online tools available to foster live interaction.

It was a pleasure to meet with Michael Sgro. After attending one of his speeches regarding Linkedin at our college, Michael gave me useful tips to update my profile and to build up a network. He showed me new ways of finding and connect with people to constantly widen my network for the future.

Michael is both a highly-focused individual who assumes responsibility and gets the job done as well as a very affable and friendly co-worker who works comfortably with others. He is willing to go well beyond the minimum in achieving quality work. He has very strong abilities to conceptualize the breadth of issues and comes up with practical and concrete solutions to problems. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of contemporary digital media and other forms of communication. He is also among the most popular and well-regarded graduates of his Le Moyne College class to his own peers as well as senior faculty who have either taught or worked directly with him during the past decade and a half.

Coach Sgro helped me make the necessary steps in improving my networking capabilities and helped create important and useful connections for me to fellow alumni and other people in the specific job market I am searching in.

I worked with Michael while I was helping to plan Le Moyne College's Class of 2004 reunion weekend. He was easy to talk to, organized, and efficient. After I helped with the reunion event, I attended several other Alumni events Michael planned through Le Moyne College. I was very impressed every time with how well the events all went. There was never a problem or issue during any of Michael's events! Also, I always knew about the events Michael was handling with plenty of notice through email, Facebook, and the Le Moyne College website. He advertised for all of his events very well - you could never say "I didn't know about it." I enjoyed all the time I worked with Michael and attended his events, and can truly say any employer would be lucky to have Michael work for them.

I have worked with Michael Sgro for over a dozen years. Blessed with artistic and creative skills, Mike is also a conscientious and detail-oriented manager and producer. He possesses great team-building and organizational skills, a friendly demeanor, and a calm disposition-- particularly valuable in what can be the frenetically-paced world of higher education--dealing with students, alumni, and staff at both small colleges and major universities.

Michael always had the best interest of his department in mind. When planning events, he would always make sure that there were activities for both adults and children. Michael has a very creative mind that he always applies fully to his work. No matter how much he has on his plate, he maintains a calm and professional demeanor, always appearing very organized and collected.

Michael is a passionate employee who brings enthusiasm to everything he does. He is a beloved person by everyone who has the pleasure of working with him, and any company would be lucky to have him as a member of their team.

Michael's enthusiasm for his work is equalled by his dedication to excellence. He worked tirelessly at Le Moyne to ensure that the alumni/ae felt included in events that were age appropriate and interesting. I really miss his friendly, warm presence on campus.

Michael is the perfect model of how one's enthusiasm for a cause can shine through into professional practice. In every interaction I had with him as a graduate of Le Moyne, his affinity for the college was incredibly evident, and I credit him in a major way for keeping me connected to Le Moyne.

When I think of Michael Sgro, I think of the following descriptions: creative, passionate, tenacious, strategic thinking and successful. While I worked with Michael on public relations strategies years more than 10 years ago, I have been most recently impressed by his work as the Assistant Director of Marketing and Family Programs at Le Moyne College. His enthusiastic approach to communicating with the College's alumni brought many of us back to the school for the first time in years -- including me. He reminded us regularly why we are proud to be Dolphins and how we can stay involved as volunteers or donors. Any organization that hires Michael will have a diligent relationship builder who can open doors, build new relationships and sustain these relationships to be long-term and mutually beneficial. As a nonprofit professional, I can confidently say that Michael is the type of person I would want on my team.

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