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Carmen Emmi: Extraordinary Leader

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, I grew up working in my family business, and learned to appreciate the value of hard work. While in the family business, I have worked many odd jobs, but have found that what I enjoy the most is working with others and being a valuable source of information, which has played a great role into getting in the Real Estate World!

I graduated from Cicero-North Syracuse High School in 2016, and went on to Hobart College in Geneva, NY. I studied Economics and Entrepreneurial Studies, and graduated with my Bachelors Degree. While at Hobart, I was heavily involved in the housing office, as well as the HWS Day of Service, where I had many different responsibilities.

In my time so far with Acropolis, I have learned so much about Commercial and Residential Real Estate. I'd be honored to be a part of any real estate transaction, and would enjoy putting my knowledge of the area to work for you. Let's talk!

What is Empathic Leadership?

When I think of empathic leadership, I think of the phrase "reading the room." It is the ability to understand how others are feeling, what they're saying and how they're acting, and being able to adapt and relate to the conversation.

What skills or competencies did you enhance through the coaching process?

Learning to get out of my own way was my biggest accomplishment throughout the coaching process. Having Michael hold me accountable, and essentially hold my hand through helping me to understand that problems don't just disappear on their own, and that conflicts and disagreements can be resolved easily through conversation was exactly what I needed to further my career.”

Share an example of a goal that you have realized as a result of coaching.

“Prior to coaching, I never spoke up about something I disagreed with. Not only am I a pro at speaking up now, I actually find it enjoyable and empowering to challenge, and I have no hesitation whatsoever."

What do professionals need to start anticipating as the change needed to be a strong leader?

“Leaders must understand others and be able to empathize with them, since everyone has the same common goal. Not being able to do so causes roadblocks in terms of productivity, causing unnecessary challenges.”

Describe Michael Sgro as a professional coach.

As a professional coach, Michael is an expert at what he does, and is a true testament to the importance of empathic leadership. Michael was able to recognize the challenges I was having, and was able to tailor my coaching plan specifically to me.

Anything else you want to share about leadership? "Leadership isn't something that comes easy. Having someone like Michael on your side every step of the way is key to understanding how to be a great leader. I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for Michael!"

We coach extraordinary leaders and develop empathy as a core competency with love, community, excellence, creativity, innovation and fun.


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