Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as core competency. We work with business owners, nonprofit organizations, professionals, universities and community members who are facing challenges in their personal and professional effectiveness or want to reach their full capacity as a leader.​


Training and development programs are low-cost and effective at developing core competencies of teams across multiple industries. Michael's rich history in working with fortune 500 professionals, students and organizations on achieving their goals has made him an effective facilitator of discussions in small groups and large scale conferences. He has conducted over 1000 presentations and speaking engagements for over 20+ years on college campuses, national conferences, regional meet-ups, board meetings and intimate work groups.

Our most requested topics for training are on emotional intelligence, Extended DISC, effective communication and teamwork. Our blend of expertise and kindness create a unique space for professionals to dialogue and learn productive best practices as a leader. To book any of our training programs, team retreats or custom opportunity, kindly set-up a free 30-minute consultation.

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Speaking Engagements

Michael's balance of humor and subject matter make him a perfect fit for small groups or large audiences interested in leadership, self-development and effective communication topics. He has presented at colleges, corporations, national technology & higher education conferences and nonprofit boards/organizations.

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Digital Media

Living in the 21st century means we can't just rely on building relationships for our business or develop our personal brand without digital media. We conduct digital media trainings, audits and strategy sessions for individuals, as well as, organizations. Relationships are the foundation of leadership. Building them online or in person, takes best practices to grow.

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Community Programs

We believe in building a strong and competent community in which we reside as evidence of the law of abundance. We offer low cost  workshops and free activities to build basic professional skills.


Our activity calendar is listed on the homepage of each opportunity, including our most popular networking activity, Seven Strangers at Dinner.

"People math. Relationships + Engagement = Success." - Michael Sgro

il salotto | 359 South Warren Street, Syracuse, New York 13202

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Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and develop empathy as a core competency.