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Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as core competency. We work across all industries of CEO's, C-suite members, business owners, nonprofit organizations, professionals, politicians, community members who are facing challenges in their personal and professional effectiveness or want to reach their full capacity as a leader.​ Leadership skills optimize performance, success, wealth and human wellness.


► Training and development programs are low-cost and effective at developing specific competencies;

► Key factors for training are that goals are established as an achievable outcome;  
► Training is not transformational but allows for a roadmap to be created for motivated professionals to achieve;
► Training is not coaching as it does not include long-term accountability as a program.


Coach Sgro's rich history in working with Fortune 500 professionals, companies, nonprofits and organizations on achieving their goals has made him an effective facilitator of discussions in small groups to large scale conferences. He has conducted thousands of presentations and speaking engagements for over 26 years.


Our training and workshop time is valued at $197. an hour. Clients can book whatever scale of program they are considering from a multiple day conference style training, to an online lunch & learn series. Coach Sgro provides some prework activities and the Zoom link for sessions.


Our most requested topics for training are on emotional intelligence, effective communication and teamwork. Our blend of expertise and kindness create a unique space for professionals to dialogue and learn productive best practices as a leader. Additionally, we only host online training opportunities for groups outside of Syracuse, as our part for sustainability practices to bringing down our business carbon footprint. Our experience has been that online training with teams helps level set the work and growth. 


Coach Sgro is a certified facilitator of Extended DISC powered by Finxs and conducts individual or team assessments by requests. Typically, $175. each depending on the needed training format. We also will provide on demand DISC requests for screening of job candidates with an annual contract.


Reverend Sgro is ordained through the Universal Life Church and offers couples coaching and acting as an officiant for their ceremony in New York State. We offer chaplain services to reinforce the power of giving grace and developing EI for essential workers: police, nurses, teachers, etc.


We host online and local opportunities for enrichment and growth, mostly free or of modest cost. Coach Sgro offers complimentarry coaching sessions, online learning labs and full scale programs, like OUT Syracuse and ERG's.

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