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Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as core competency. We work across all industries of CEO's, C-suite members, business owners, nonprofit organizations, professionals, politicians, community members who are facing challenges in their personal and professional effectiveness or want to reach their full capacity as a leader.​ Leadership skills optimize performance, success, wealth and human wellness.


► Coaching filters out the static so you can focus on the key issues to unlock your full potential; 
► Coaching provides the support and accountability needed to gain clarity of what the most important issues are;
► Coaching finds the strategic approach that will address and ultimately achieve the desired outcome; 
► Coaching gets specific with step-by-step action plans to keep you moving forward.


Businesses and individuals who pursue coaching are not bad people or even remedial in their work but good leaders who want to be great. We believe that positivity, creativity, and self-awareness are necessary for exceptional leaders to thrive in the workplace and in their community. Using our unique empathic leadership model for coaching, we will identify the unconscious incompetence that has had an impact on your cogency and create a plan to achieve your goals through accountability and support.


The coaching relationship is not a quick fix or a magic wand solution. Long-term success requires long-term commitment. Therefore it is recommended that a minimum of a one-year commitment to achieve the desired results. We have three key assessment areas of focus including: your human behavior, your emotional intelligence (human condition) and your personal/company values. This approach establishes our coaching goals and leads to a 90-day action plan, to create the effectiveness & mastery to close the gap on any blind-spots identified in our process.

All coaching programs come with an initial survey, a coaching agreement, non-disclosure agreement, a custom workbook, a very detailed feedback & appointment review (complete with action steps), unlimited email and telephone access, Extended DISC assessment report, Emotional Intelligence appraisal, as well as, discounts to additional program offerings.

If you’re feeling stuck, stressed, unhappy, burdened or frustrated; or if you’re ready to take your business or your performance to the next level, contact us and we can get you working strategically towards your goals.


Every inquiry and coaching session is kept strictly confidential.​ Every potential client experiences actual coaching and not a commercial for coaching. All programs are assessed a $75. start-up fee in the first month for administrative costs, coaching materials and supplies. In-Person One-On-One clients also get a complimentary parking spot.


Our premier, yearlong, leadership program is designed by Coach Sgro and based in proven human learning models. This work is reserved the most motivated to change and reach peak performance. Our rates range from $387. to $550. monthly based on level of work and responsibilities. Anyone interested should set-up a complimentary coaching clinic to pursue this path.


We have graduated over 190 professionals from around the country and several of them were very proud of their work and are listed in our coaching Hall-Of-Fame for posterity and inspiration. Read their empathic leadership interviews to get a sense of how unlocking their potential has served them in reaching their goals.


Our highly reputable coaching program for organizations embeds our services into the fabric of their community. You can choose from our leadership academy model, monthly success coaching or set training modules designed to modify behavior and strengthen the human condition. Rates vary for all programs depending on version and number of employees/members.


We have had over 50 coach-in-residence programs working with zoo keepers, nonprofit leaders, lawyers, educators, marketers, and so many more professionals. All coach-in-residence proposals are customized to meet the actual needs of the teams involved. No cookie cutter solutions here. Only in-person for Syracuse teams.


We coach business partners, professional colleagues, soon to be married couples, mothers and daughters or any kind of couple seeking effective communication and working as a team. For this service, the couple would both need to be present for their complimentary coaching clinic.

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Our multiple year contract coaching program includes working with your entire team in-house. These are strategic opportunities for our business to partner with yours in a way that is mutailly beneficial. This includes a leasing arrangement to provide Coach Sgro space and business amenities. Book a meeting to join the growing wait list.


We are now offering fractional Chief Heart Officer contracts to advise management, Human Resources and designees for innovative onboarding, mentorship programs, culture building and talent development curriculum


Our original five year residency was at Commonspace in Downtown Syracuse. This past year we took a leap to our second residency at Mower Agency, at their headquarters also based in Downtown Syracuse. We expect to review future residencies only in Syracuse at any size business or organization including corporate, governmental, nonprofit or education. Any request is not a guarantee of a contract because of timing of contracts starting and ending, strategic value for either party and needed leasing requirements. Always open to discussion.

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