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Coach Sgro serving as Police Academy Instructor

Coach Sgro has been serving as a Syracuse Police Academy instructor since April 2022 and developing recruits emotional intelligence. He approached the Syracuse Police Department in late 2021 to develop an instructional program that would benefit every new officer for the region in their competencies in emotional management, empathy and relationship skills.

Work began with the first cohort of recruits who saw about 4-11 point increase in overall emotional intelligence. At that point, based on the review of the police chief and deputies, the department petitioned Syracuse City Hall for the funding to continue the program. With unanimous support of the city council, the program continued. The second cohort of recruits, that graduated in January 2023, increased their emotional intelligence on average of 5-13 points. In fact, the academy leadership award, went to the officer with the highest emotional intelligence of the graduates. The entire graduating class highest success came in their empathy skills.

Coach Sgro is currently instructing his fourth cohort, that graduates at the end of 2023, and looks to continue his work with SPD and other departments around the region and country. "Every essential worker in a America, should have high emotional intelligence," says Coach Sgro, "High EI helps facilitate the performance skills necessary for more competitive work and high responsibilities."

"Ultimately, serving my community is an honor. Helping those that help us every day gives me hope that we will continue to solve our challenges through collaboration and partnership."

"Michael is a wealth of knowledge. My biggest takeaway from his program is to remain humble, never be afraid to ask for help, and stay true to who you are. His program has allowed me to recognize my full potential, and grow to be the best version of myself." says, Ryan Duester, Police Recruit in Class of 2023.



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