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CNY HHN Leaders unlock their Superhero Potential and Build Values based Culture

The CNY HHN, Inc. leadership team completed epic work in coaching, training and establishing their team values with Coach Sgro in July 2023. The executive cohort began their work two years ago and each professional took multiples leadership assessments, created a custom performance growth plan and made specific expectations for each value that they believe in as an organization.

After the executive team accomplished their first phase, they as a team, decided to continue the work and involve the management team to go through the same process of professional development. Each leader now has a comprehensive understanding of their strengths, the needed habits to take them to the next level, a set of strategies that level up emotional intelligence and how to perform each value that the organization aspires for their workplace culture.

The key values that CNY HHN, Inc. created are around Resiliency, Understanding, Appreciation and Integrity. Each value is matched with a behavioral expectation that shows everyone around them that they are living the value. These expectations are used in space when we get stuck, have to manage relationships or make new decisions.

Coach Sgro's group leadership program is designed as a Coach-In-Residence model and having ongoing learning with accountability is more effective than a stand-alone retreat. He believes in the Platinum Rule and helps leaders treat others how they want to be treated to increase work culture effectiveness, collegiality and trust,

Senior leaders, Jane Vail, Executive Director and Amy Schmid, Vice President of Human Resources & Administrative Services spent time with Coach Sgro to do a deep dive into the data and trends to create a future road-map for professional growth. Coach Sgro says, "This is an important aspect of the coaching and training process because we have to quantify the qualitative measures for donors, investors, boards and constituents."

In addition, Jane Vail completed her one-on-one coaching process simultaneously and is considered a Hall-Of-Famer in our work in the community.

If you or your team have plateaued, gotten stuck or feel you need to sharpen your leadership tools, then consider a group coaching program and talk to the CNY HHN, Inc. team about their experience.



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