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Megan Perrault: Extraordinary Leader

The very I-Style yellow, Megan Perrault is the Director of the Centralized Sales Execution Team at Northwestern Mutual. She is a spouse, a mom, a ray of light and exceptional leader in this national firm. She always has a smile on her face and can light the way in the most difficult of challenges because of her extraordinary empathy and love for others.

What is Empathic Leadership?

“Empathetic Leadership is the Platinum rule.”

What skills or competencies did you enhance through the coaching process?

“The ability to stay out of my own way, self-management and self-awareness skills”

Share an example of a goal that you have realized as a result of coaching.

“The ability to give direct feedback without the fear of hurt feelings. Feelings are not facts!"

What do professionals need to start anticipating as the change needed to be a strong leader?

“Allow yourself to come to the table with 100% trust.”

Describe Michael Sgro as a professional coach.

A vibe! Has incredibly deep insight into how I functioned in my current role and was able to be the mirror I needed to be able to really grow personally and professionally.

Anything else you want to share about leadership? "For a long time, I thought leadership was just about being strong and the leader of the pack but it's so much more than that, leadership is connection, trust, compassion and social intelligence."

We coach extraordinary leaders and develop empathy as a core competency with love, community, excellence, creativity, innovation and fun.


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