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Carrie Large: Extraordinary Leader

Carrie Large is a rock-star nonprofit professional and completed her leadership program in October 2019. No words can describe her deep commitment to the community, her work and her fellow colleagues. She is the best and expects the best from everyone around her and she is an inspiring leader.

What is Empathic Leadership?

Being present, communicate to how the team member can connect, have fun, and build relationships.

What skills or competencies did you enhance through the coaching process?

Communication is key. To have the ability to listen, understand and then communicate back to a team member is the greatest skill to have, plus always work on. Building relationships is something that needs to be worked on all the time.

Share an example of a goal that you have realized as a result of coaching.

A goal for me is to lead by example and help other leaders build their skills.

What do professionals need to start anticipating as the change needed to be a strong leader?

To stop saying that communication is our barrier and start acting on how to communicate with each other. We need to listen to each other and ignite the passion for our jobs within each other.

Describe Michael Sgro as a professional coach.

Michael's ability to build confidence in yourself, coach you how to connect/build relationships with team members is absolutely priceless.

Anything else you want to share about leadership?

If you want to lead your team down a successful path and feel good about it, connect with Michael Sgro to help you accomplish just that.

Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as a core competency with love, community, excellence, creativity, innovation and fun.


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