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Larkin Podsiedlik: Extraordinary Leader

Larkin Podsiedlik is a passionate and intentional senior non-profit leader. Experienced in non-profit management, board and stakeholder engagement, and staff development. Her favorite things are community engagement, organizational and program development, nutrition education, improving food access, public speaking and half-marathons..

What is Empathic Leadership?

“Empathic leadership is people-focused. It's understanding what your team needs and how they work best to get the best out of them. It's leading by making sure the people around you are thriving.”

What skills or competencies did you enhance through the coaching process?

“I improved dramatically in my emotional intelligence, especially my confidence, self-awareness skills, and relationship management. I am much better at taking strong corrective action now than when I first started coaching ! I am also better at using different skills and competencies to accomplish my goals -- not just relying on things that come easily.”

Share an example of a goal that you have realized as a result of coaching.

“I accomplished my goal of becoming a stronger and more strategic leader, which set me up for a career transition into my ideal job. I am also a better parent, partner, and friend. I re-gained a lot of confidence I didn't know had been lost along the journey of my career."

What do professionals need to start anticipating as the change needed to be a strong leader?

“The changing needs of the workforce. Traditional forms of leadership, leading with an iron grip, don't work anymore. People want leaders who can be flexible, understanding, and decisive, but always remember that the workforce is made up of human beings with whole lives and personalities.”

Describe Michael Sgro as a professional coach.

“Michael Sgro is a fantastic coach and human who brings magic and light to every room and every conversation. He has helped me become a more confident leader and person, and I am eternally grateful for him.”

Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as a core competency. We work with business owners, nonprofit organizations, professionals, universities and community members who are facing challenges in their personal and professional effectiveness or want to reach their full capacity as a leader.​


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