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Nex Benedict will be Honored with Acts of LOVE

Recovering from a tragedy, like a loss a child, and making it something we can learn from is possible when thinking about our angel Nex Benedict. As we discover what happened and help the family through this time, we must create acts of love.

I have been doing work in LGBT youth support since the late 1990's in NYC, across New York State and nationally through political action networks and LGBT youth boards. When Nex died I immediately went inward and felt like we were going backwards in time with civility and kindness.

Kids hurting other kids where death is the outcome? This cannot be normalized.

Jamey Rodemeyer, who was from the Buffalo area, known for his activism against homophobia died by suicide in 2011, after having been a victim of homophobic bullying himself.

After Jamey's death, I really was crushed. Like really crushed. Something about this kid hit that soft part in my heart where I stored the memories of assault, humiliation and being beaten growing up on the northside of Syracuse. I was Jamey and I felt guilty for surviving after he died. I have now come to understand that what I was really feeling was to be in service to Jamey's legacy and honor him with my continued work. This is the birthplace empathy.

These tragic deaths have to come with more than thoughts and prayers. Our collective empathic action can change the world. I believe this with my entire soul. It is my ministry

Please join me in recommitting our efforts into acts of love in your immediate family, your coworkers, your community. Nex and Jamey can live forever, if we all keep the love alive.


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