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Stephanie Crockett: Extraordinary Leader

Stephanie Crockett has over 20 plus years of experience in marketing communications, she specializes in using research-based insights to drive sound brand positioning and smart communications tactics that achieve results and truly impact business objectives. Stephanie is a seasoned leader in the community, in her family and in her business as the NEW President and COO at the Mower agency. Her light guides the way and is extraordinary in all the ways that wonderful leaders impact our society.

What is Empathic Leadership?

“Empathic Leadership is all about the platinum rule - treating people as THEY want to be treated. It's not about the leader, it's about the people they lead and helping them achieve their goals.

What skills or competencies did you enhance through the coaching process?

I have absolutely become a disciple of DISC and Emotional Intelligence in leadership. The ability to understand the perspective of colleagues, clients and other community leaders and to relate and communicate with them in a way that is personalized and resonates with their unique style has been extremely powerful.

Share an example of a goal that you have realized as a result of coaching.

One of my goals was better self-care. I've learned a lot of tools that have transformed the way I handle potentially stressful situations and have realized that if I don't care for myself I won't be able to be fully present for my team. I'm better for them if I'm better to myself.

What do professionals need to start anticipating as the change needed to be a strong leader?

Leaders need to understand that everyone they work with is motivated differently and with new generations coming into the workforce those changes will continue. We need to understand these individuals and how best to serve them.

Describe Michael Sgro as a professional coach.

Michael is across the board phenomenal. He is so passionate and knowledgeable about his field and 100% committed to sharing that knowledge with his clients. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and we are lucky to have him in our community.

Anything else you want to share about leadership?

Leadership is ongoing learning and skills development. It's not a one and done and as our colleagues, businesses and communities evolve, so should we.

Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and to develop empathy as a core competency. We work with business owners, nonprofit organizations, professionals, universities and community members who are facing challenges in their personal and professional effectiveness or want to reach their full capacity as a leader.​


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