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Coaching, Consulting, Therapy, Oh My!

So many people ask what coaching is and how it is different than therapy or consulting. For an explanation on our coaching process, you can review the details here. However, let's take a closer look at the aims of each of the areas for which people seek assistance.

Therapy is an examination of the past. The primary intent of therapy is healing and to bring you into the present with sense of completion or feeling whole. The key factors addressed by a clinician are trauma, healing, addictions and mental illness.

Consulting is a process of problem solving. The primary intent of consulting is to get answers and is project related. The key factors for consultants are advising, mentorship and solutions.

Coaching is a process of unlocking your own human potential. The primary intent of coaching is to move from the present into the future or forward. The belief is that you are are whole and the work we are doing is mastery level around leadership, performance, decision making, transformation, and emotional intelligence using accountability and encouragement from the coach. The key factors for coaches are actions, co-creation of learning objectives and achieving goals.


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