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Over 1250 professionals trained in Emotional Intelligence during Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Coach Sgro set out to something to help in the way he could and using his gifts. He quickly created a version of emotional intelligence training that would make an impact for employers and employees across all industries.

Starting his first class in April 2020, with nearly 100 attendees, Coach Sgro realized he was onto something. He continued to market the series of classes through word of mouth and digital media. Attendees came from Nebraska, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and of course, across New York State.

With the November 2021 edition of the series, Coach Sgro trained over 1250 professionals in the basic competencies in Emotional Intelligence, for FREE. Everyone that participated did so because they were highly motivated to grow during a difficult time of humanity.

Coach Sgro plans to launch a 2.0 version of the series, set to launch in January 2023.

"This is a powerful series which allows the students to put themselves under the microscope to examine how they manage themselves and their relationships with others while simultaneously arming them with a set of tools for effective relationship building, both at home and in the office."

"This workshop gives you strategies to better understand your own feelings and increase awareness of the emotions of those around you."

"I thought I needed this to work with and lead others, but found I need it to grow myself personally as well as professionally. There is no area of one's life that is not impacted or improved by this training."



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