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Celebrating 7-Years of Remarkable Success

Coach Sgro started his business in June of 2017, after a twenty year (award winning) career in Higher Education at five college & universities across New York State. After six months of entrepreneurial hustle, he opened his first training center on Warren Street in Downtown Syracuse. Today, he has served thousands of individuals around the country, created next level curriculum in empathy and built successful thought leadership impacting communities and businesses alike.

In his effort to create more equity in coaching & training he has made access to executive/leadership programs more affordable and uplifted high percentages of female executives, millennials, LGBT people and professionals of color.

As a social enterprise, the business is aimed at solving community challenges and building successful complementary relationships to leaders across industries.

Coach Sgro's main point of pride was providing free training, to over 1350 professionals during Covid, in emotional intelligence. He knew people needed support and conducted 20 free monthly series to support learning on how to actually manage stress and care for others.

Other business highlights include: being an instructor at the Syracuse Regional Police Academy, the first Coach-In-Residence with the Mower Agency, developing a new national model in mentorship, launching the Lateisha Green Scholarship, winning the Downtown Committee Perfect Partner Award, developing the OUT Syracuse economic program for the LGBT community, winning the CNY ATD learning award, part of the U in Syracuse campaign, and providing over 10,000 hours of complementary training.

We want to publicly acknowledge and shout out our fellow Downtown Syracuse businesses, also celebrating 7-years in 2024, including:

Congrats to everyone on lucky 7 and wishing us all many years of success to come!

Our mission is to coach extraordinary leaders and develop empathy as a core competency with love, community, excellence, creativity, innovation and fun.


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