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Wedding Coaching and Officiant Services

Coach Sgro is a reverend in the Universal Life Church and has performed as a wedding officiant and as marriage coach for couples. His inclusive practices and humor make him a perfect choice for those looking for traditional or unorthodox ceremonies.

Luciano de Crescenzo once stated, “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing each other.”

Coach Sgro offers several marriage packages for the Central New York area:

  • Officiant only. Coach Sgro will meet with the couple to discuss their overall theme and goal for the ceremony. He will walk you through the the essential parts and ensure that it feels perfect for the couple. Inclusive rate for consulting time and ceremony with modest travel fee.

  • Marriage Coaching only. Coach Sgro will take the couple through team leadership coaching and discover your natural styles, how to blend individual communication to a team approach, and create a custom mentorship plan. Flat monthly rate for either in-person or online sessions with couples. Most programs are 3-6 months before the wedding day.

  • Marriage Coaching and officiant. Coach Sgro will combine the above offerings for a unique and memorable experience. Discovering your story as a couple and sharing it with your guests during the big day. Custom proposals by request.

  • Anniversary and Renewals of Vows. Coach Sgro will help you facilitate a perfect ceremony to celebrate a anniversary or renewal of vows. Discounts to those who have previously married by Coach Sgro. Custom proposals by request.

Couples must obtain their marriage licenses ahead of the ceremony and Coach Sgro will sign them at the end of the ceremony. Most licenses also require two witnesses.


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